About Us

Professional Ethics

“First, do no harm!”
— Hippocrates

Concerning Hippocratic Oath
Our doctors will always do their best to benefit the patient, protect them against personal and social harm and injustice.

Our Vision

Being the most trusted partner for hair and skin care in Turkey, with happy and healthy patients who enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror.

Our Mission

Assisting each person to healthily achieve the desired look through cutting-edge techniques, integrated clinical practices, and unlimited enthusiasm.

Dermatologist Duo In Charge

“Our team’s main focus is to provide our patients with the best possible treatment in line with their wishes”

— Dermatologist, Chief Phy, Utkan Kızıltaç

“We always try to achieve a natural-looking result. This is where our knowledge and experience come into play “

— Dermatologist Assistant Prof. Kübra Kızıltaç

Words From Doctor-In-Chief

Our priority is your health and then your beauty and aesthetics. We serve you with a professional team knowing how to act in different conditions and complement each other to meet your expectations by listening eagerly to you.

For the assurance of the quality of the service, we work in a sensitive and decent environment with our friendly team that follows the developments in healthcare. While providing treatment services, we inform our patients at every stage and ensure their involvement in the whole process. We never apply to you a treatment that we do not apply to our closest relatives.

Being reliable and transparent, ensuring sustainability, and giving importance to patient privacy are our primary responsibilities. You are our guests from the moment you choose and communicate with us. For this reason, you are very special and precious. We are always with you in the process from your transportation to your accommodation, from your treatment to your recovery. We try to make a difference in the service we provide by paying attention to even the smallest details.

We welcome your feedback and take the opportunity to improve ourselves. We always keep the cycle of planning, implementation, control, and continuous improvement alive for your safety and satisfaction.

In short, having you as the new member of our family, we are always with you to provide service with our team, by-laws, regulations, and the principle of professional ethics, by using the latest technology to diagnose and treat, respecting patient rights and keeping patient and employee safety in the forefront. We wish to see you in many healthy, peaceful, and beautiful moments…

Covid-Secure Clinic

The clinic is located in the most popular location of Istanbul – Asia continent on Kadikoy – Bagdat Street. It has a great advantage in terms of its proximity to tourist places.

The clinic has the necessary perfection and competence with the “International Health Tourism Intermediary Authority Authorization Certificate” and “ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate” approved by the Ministry of Health.

Promise to deliver the best service with experienced dermatologists.

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