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UnitedCare™ Standards

⭐ 19+ years of combined experience

⭐ Approved by Turkish Ministry of Health

⭐ Member of World FUE Institute, European Academy of Dermatology, and Turkish Dermatology Association

⭐ Special DHI/Sapphire FUE Combination Surgeries

Free Hair Loss Analysis by Dermatologist

⭐ ISHRS Recognized Bio-Enhancements for Max Graft Survival

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Why should you get a free dermatologist opinion from Turkey?

– 85 million people live in Turkey and the public/private healthcare system is affordable for everyone.
– Total of 1 Million 700 thousand tourists come to Turkey for health tourism annually.
– Turkey is in the gateway between the east (Asia) and west (Europe)
– Turkish Government heavily invests in top schools of medicine and healthcare infrastructure.

Interesting Fact: Our Chief Physician treated more than 50.000 patients in his career.

All of these results in experienced, worldwide renowned dermatologists operating in Istanbul.