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It’s only a dream until you take the first step.


Dermatologist Dr. Kızıltaç offers you free guidance:

100% free and non-binding.

  1. You contact your personal patient manager.
  2. Scalp photos from all directions are asked.
  3. The doctor analyses your photos and provides a hair loss & transplant report.
  4. You and your patient manager go over the report together.

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UnitedCare™ Standards

⭐ 19+ years of combined experience

⭐ Approved by Turkish Ministry of Health

⭐ Member of World FUE Institute, European Academy of Dermatology, and Turkish Dermatology Association

⭐ Special DHI/Sapphire FUE Combination Surgeries

Free Hair Loss Analysis by Dermatologist

Bio-Enhancements: Organ Transplant Solution and ATPv to increase the graft survival rate.

One Patient a Day

Matt Mask’s Hair Transplant Journey

“Honestly, if you ever feeling a little insecure, you want to get more hair put on the head, UnitedCare is definitely the way to go.” 🌱

How to take photos?